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The Local Lending Movement

Benefiting Rural Britain through FOLKONOMICS™

What is The Local Lending Movement?

The Local Lending Movement was launched in January 2018 and is part of our mission to help build and sustain socially and financially successful rural communities across the UK; something we believe is essential to Britain’s pre-and post-Brexit success.

Who’s involved?

The Local Lending Movement isn’t just about us. It’s about all of us.

We’ve always been passionate about creating our national community of Lenders and Borrowers to dynamise the rural economy, but this goes way beyond that. This is about creating ecosystems on a local level that facilitate rural business growth on the ground.

The Local Lending Movement involves the participation and support, not only of our Lenders and Borrowers, but also other interested parties: our legal and accountancy partners, local authorities, MPs, Chambers of Commerce, Local Enterprise Partnerships, surveyors and land agents, local cooperatives, leisure and tourism platforms, interest groups, community associations, charities, business groups and banks – with whom we have an increasingly symbiotic relationship.

What is the aim of the Local Lending Movement?

We hope that by engaging all parties we will collectively help facilitate the long-term prosperity of our rural and local communities. It’s local, focused, social activism for positive outcomes. We believe that simple and efficient access to finance is a major factor in enabling business success.

Since we began in 2013, we’ve helped provide hundreds of rural and local businesses access our secured peer to peer loans to grow, develop and diversify and Lenders have benefitted from a great interest rate return on their capital. This has, and continues to, create local jobs, increase tourism, employ local contractors and incorporate the services of local professionals.

By lending locally through FOLK2FOLK’s peer to peer lending platform Lenders are providing a vital financial lifeline to rural and local businesses across the UK.

The Local Lending Movement is built around our local Chapterspeople and branches.

Powering The Local Lending Movement is what we like to call FOLKONOMICS™ –  an economic model showing positive results across the company’s footprint.

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