We match businesses looking for loans with Investors through our national marketplace lending platform.

Our purpose is to create prosperity for Britain’s regions by facilitating access to finance for British businesses and providing attractive investment opportunities for our community of retail and institutional Investors. 

Our mission is to put humanity back into finance.  We believe it’s possible to be both a compassionate and a commercially successful business.

    Putting humanity back into finance

    The human face of finance

    We have a well-earned reputation as a friendly and human business. We take pride in our strong relationships with customers and our wider network and the fact we take a human, fair and prudent approach to all things.  We use technology to enhance our human relationships and bring them together. We describe FOLK2FOLK not as a B2B or B2C business, but as H2H (Human2Human).

    A Local Lending Movement

    Supporting regional Britain

    FOLK2FOLK is a national business on a mission to create prosperity for Britain’s regions.  We are a responsible lender and believe we can have a direct and positive impact in supporting our regional economies by facilitating access to finance for small businesses, while providing attractive investment opportunities for individuals and Institutions.

    Wider community benefit


    In many instances, the transactions between our Borrowers and Investors have an impact that is felt far beyond their relationship through our online platform.  FOLKONOMICS™ is the term coined by FOLK2FOLK to describe the economic flow on benefits to the wider community. Learn more

    Who do we lend to?

    Since 2013, we’ve successfully provided secured business loans to small businesses across Britain. From property renovators and developers, country hotels and pubs, food and drink producers, landowners and farmers seeking to diversify, manufacturing businesses, yoga studios, cafes, and golf courses to name only a few.

    Who are our Investors?

    Our Investors are individuals and institutions seeking to make a good investment and get the most out of their money. As a FOLK2FOLK Investor, they receive a fixed interest rate of typically 6.5% p.a. secured against land/property and the knowledge they are making a positive impact on British businesses and local communities.

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    Straightforward secured loans to kick start your business or take it to the next level, available in weeks not months.

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    Earn a fixed interest rate of typically 6.5% p.a. while helping British businesses grow, develop and diversity.

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