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10 Reasons Why Investors Choose FOLK2FOLK


When it comes to choosing an investment, there’s a seemingly ever-growing list of options for where you can put your money. So why do investors choose FOLK2FOLK? Here are 10 reasons.

1. A Great Return

Earn typically 6.5% p.a interest on your investment

2. Earn Tax-Free

Join other Investors who have easily transferred their existing ISAs to FOLK2FOLK’s IFISA

3. Your Money Doing Good

Your investment will help credit-worthy small businesses across the regional parts of the UK to start, grow, or diversify, and play their part in contributing to their local economies.

4. Access Your Money

Our Investors can buy or sell their loan investments via our secondary market. Over the past three years, our secondary market has been sold out providing liquidity for our Investors, however, there is never any guarantee of a sale.

5. Investments are Secured Against Property

Your money is secured against UK land or property at typically a maximum LTV of 60%.

6. You Know What You’re Going To Receive

Enjoy the stability of receiving a fixed rate of typically 6.5% p.a. for the duration of your investment.

7. Get Paid Monthly

Our investments provide you with a monthly income.

8. No Fees To Be An Investor

No fees to open an investing or IFISA account with FOLK2FOLK and no management fees. Fees do apply if you wish to list on our secondary market.

9. You Have Full Control

You make the choices. You have complete control over your investment portfolio, you choose what to invest in and how much. So no auto investing into something you don’t know about or don’t wish to invest in.

10. Personal Service

We’re proud of our friendly reputation and human approach. Humans not algorithms make our decisions. When you call us you’ll speak to Gill, Arda, Andy or Claire…

So find out more about our community of investors and benefit from a great return while knowing you’re helping businesses across the regional parts of the UK access finance to grow, develop or diversify. Or register to become an investor here.

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