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6 Investing Lessons from Fiona’s Mountain Climb


Investing can be much like climbing a mountain. Both pursuits require careful planning, resilience, and the ability to navigate unexpected challenges.

Last week, our HR Manager Fiona MacInnes, aged 63, embarked on the formidable challenge of climbing the UK’s three highest peaks. Fiona, along with 11 steadfast companions, set out on this expedition with single-minded focus on their upward trajectory.  Here are 6 lessons we took from Fiona’s adventure.

  1. Preparation is key

The journey to the top begins long before the first step. Fiona’s meticulous preparation and unwavering resolve highlight the importance of diligence and foresight in any venture. At FOLK2FOLK, we ensure every investment opportunity is thoroughly vetted and backed by property assets. This rigorous due diligence mirrors Fiona’s careful training for her ascent.

  1. Make steady progress towards your goal

Climbing a mountain is a step-by-step process, much like building a robust investment portfolio. FOLK2FOLK supports investors by offering property-backed investments at great rates, helping them to achieve their financial objectives.

  1. You can attain peak performance

Reaching the summit of a mountain is a moment of triumph, representing the culmination of hard work and determination. Similarly, our track record of zero capital losses and our attractive interest rate demonstrates our commitment to helping investors achieve peak investing performance.

  1. You might face unexpected challenges

Fiona’s path was not without its trials. A knee injury arising during the descent from Ben Nevis, the first peak, posed a significant challenge. Despite her robust preparation, this moment called for a re-evaluation of plans. It’s in these moments that true character is revealed, and Fiona’s ability to assess and make prudent decisions exemplifies the resilience and strategic thinking we encourage at FOLK2FOLK. When challenges arise in life, it’s often how we respond that defines the outcome. This is the attitude FOLK2FOLK takes when loans don’t go to plan – we take a case by case approach with a focus on maximising investor returns, understanding that how we respond when things don’t go to plan can directly impact the outcome.

  1. Make smart, informed decisions

Realising her knee injury made her a potential liability to her team, Fiona made the difficult yet prudent decision to forgo climbing Scafell Pike and Snowdon. This choice demonstrates the importance of knowing when to change tack. In investing, as in climbing, the wisdom to reassess and realign one’s path is sometimes necessary, perhaps broadening out into new investment classes like peer to peer investments to diversify your portfolio.

  1. Remain committed

Throughout the climb, Fiona and her team remained focused and committed to their goal, qualities equally important in investing that can reap rewards.

While Fiona did not complete the entire Three Peaks Challenge, her successful climb of Ben Nevis has been a valuable learning experience. She has already begun planning to tackle the remaining two peaks in the near future…watch this space!

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