A comment on the coronavirus


Right now, each day is news-breaking; from huge drops in global stock markets to emergency drops in interest rates and increases in coronavirus cases.

While global stock markets have seen upheaval due to a host of factors there is no direct correlation between stock market performance and peer to peer lending. And while, we’re pleased to see a central government response to coronavirus in the interest rate cut and Rishi Sunak’s £30bn coronavirus pledge, that’s not to say we’re complacent.

FOLK2FOLK safeguards include:

  • Our loans have fixed rates, so are not subject to stock market volatility, and are secured against property.
  • We undertake regular portfolio reviews to check the status of loans enabling us to pick up on, and address, any issues early on.  And we’ll continue to monitor this very closely to detect any change in the health of our loans.
  • We have a tried and tested business continuity plan which means that in the event staff are unable to access the office, we can continue to operate and serve your needs even if staff are working from home.

Take care of yourselves,



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