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An attitude of ‘Yesness’


Yes is an important word.  Many believe it’s what brought Yoko Ono and John Lennon together. They were first introduced at her November 1966 exhibition in the Indica Gallery in London.

It was here she displayed her Ceiling Painting/Yes Painting, an interactive display where the visitor is expected to climb a ladder and use a magnifying glass to look at a tiny “YES” printed on paper beneath a sheet of glass suspended from the ceiling. The smallness of the yes and the effort the visitor had to go to, to view it, represent how difficult it often is in life to reach a Yes.

‘Yes’ is important to us at FOLK2FOLK, we like to use Yes where we can.

With businesses across regional Britain still struggling to access finance via traditional sources, our common-sense approach to lending provides an essential alternative. By taking an holistic approach, we’re able to step back and view the business owner, the project and the security from a different perspective – meaning we may be able to say Yes, where banks say No.

This attitude of ‘Yesness’ is reflective of our open-minded approach and willingness to help others succeed.  That doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes say No; perhaps there isn’t enough security, or serviceability is an issue, or the business plan isn’t credible, or it just doesn’t stack up for us. We don’t guarantee a Yes, but the crucial point is, if you meet our criteria then our starting attitude will always be one of open-minded Yesness.

The word Yes changed John Lennon’s life – it may well change yours! If you’re looking for a secured loan to grow, develop or diversify, why not talk to us – we hope we can say Yes!

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