Are you waiting for the right time to grow your business?


Were you waiting for the election to be done and dusted? Then, thought you’d wait until after Christmas? And now you’re just waiting to see what happens with BREXIT?

If that sounds like you, we don’t blame you for being cautious – being measured and assessing the lay of the land is an admirable and prudent approach in business. But, be honest, are you really being prudent or are you just procrastinating? Could it be that these are simply convenient excuses to delay taking that next step in your business?

In times of uncertainty, opportunity can be found.  By hanging back and waiting to see how the chips fall, you may actually miss out on seizing a competitive advantage or getting a step ahead.

Now is the time to reflect on what you want from your business in the decade ahead. What you want it to be and what it could achieve if you invested in its growth and development or perhaps diversified.

Don’t allow uncertainty to stop you from making plans and taking action. Whatever your sector, we can help you fund the next step in your business.  We’re exist to support local businesses to take that next step in their journey by providing the funding they need to grow.

Over seven years, we’ve injected more than £336m into local businesses.  We lend from £50k and recently funded a £10m loan. All loans must be secured against land or property (but not your home). If you’re ready to take that first step of investing in your business, call us today: 01566 773296.

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