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Empowering Small Businesses and rewarding Investors


In an era where smaller businesses remain underserved, alternative lending platforms have emerged as champions of financial inclusivity. Since 2013, FOLK2FOLK has been connecting borrowers with investors who believe in supporting local businesses.

The modern financial landscape can be challenging terrain for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Conventional banks often impose stringent requirements that deter these businesses from securing the funding they need to expand, innovate, or diversify. This is where FOLK2FOLK steps in, bridging the gap between local businesses and investors who want to make a positive impact.

By facilitating direct lending, FOLK2FOLK enables local businesses to access the capital they require, while investors can earn attractive returns on their investments. This symbiotic relationship creates a win-win scenario and often results in wider benefits for the local economy.

A significant testament to FOLK2FOLK’s dedication to its mission of creating prosperity in Britain’s regions is the accomplishment of funding 21 loans last month – the company’s largest month of the year to date.  These loans encompass a diverse range of industries, and this diversity reflects FOLK2FOLK’s commitment to funding almost any business purpose, thereby contributing to an holistic economic resurgence.

The impact of FOLK2FOLK’s model is not just limited to finance. As a result of these loans, local businesses can expand, hire more employees, and inject vitality into their communities. The ripples of economic growth are felt through increased job opportunities, improved infrastructure, and heightened community engagement. FOLK2FOLK coined the term FOLKONOMICSTM to describe this economic model which often results in an onflow of benefits.

Additionally, the investors who fund these loans become stakeholders in the success stories of these businesses. By investing in these loans, they are now receiving a fixed monthly income of between 7.5% p.a. and 9.75% p.a. with their funds secured against property at a maximum LTV of typically 60%.

As more businesses recognise the benefits of alternative lending and as more investors are attracted to FOLK2FOLK’s ethos and offering, the potential for sustainable regional economic growth becomes increasingly tangible.

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