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FOLK2FOLK named as UK’s second largest peer to peer lender


With significant changes occurring in the alternative finance lending space, the ‘Big 3’ peer-to-peer lenders were announced this morning. FOLK2FOLK was named second largest with cumulative lending volumes approaching half a billion.

Getting bigger is a fixation for many businesses and while it’s satisfying to climb the leader board, for us it’s not our size it’s our attitude that defines us.

We take a particular position on what we think is important and that is reflected in our operations and our behaviors.

  1. We think it’s important for there to be attractive, alternative investment opportunities for retail investors managed in a responsible way. We remain open for sophisticated investors to earn 6.5% p.a. secured against property. For us, prudence is paramount and our promise to our investors is that we’ll be open, transparent, and not take our current track record of zero Investor losses and liquid secondary market for granted.
  2. We think it’s important to be profitable, and a stable platform for British SMEs and investors. 
  3. We think it’s important to redress the imbalance of funding between urban and rural parts of the UK.
  4. We think it’s important to put humanity back into finance. It’s a paradox, but though finance plays a vital and intimate role in our lives, all too often the relationship with finance providers is impersonal. We care about our investors’ money as we would a family member’s, it’s the FOLK way.

It’s our attitude that has earnt us pro-FOLK supporters across regional UK and loyal retail customers.

If you’d like to learn more about our attitude and approach to investing, we’d love to talk on 01566 773296 or you can read more here.

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