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How changes in animal health and welfare can improve your bottom line.


Farmers lose money every single day as a result of disease and other conditions.  Our latest #HelpfulFOLK webinar is for livestock farmers interested to know how Animal Health & Welfare can positively impact their bottom line.

About the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway:

The Animal Health and Welfare Pathway aims to help livestock farmers bolster the health and welfare of their stock, while at the same time improving their bottom line.  Defra sees animal welfare as a “public good” and livestock farmers who can demonstrate welfare enhancements will be paid public funds under the government’s post-Brexit plans for agriculture. The programme is set to start in Spring 2022 with a vet visit, paid for by the government, with Animal Health and Welfare grants to be launched later in the year.

Why join our webinar:

The initial focus of the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway will be on improving disease prevention while using fewer antibiotics to reduce antimicrobial resistance. Our #HelpfulFOLK webinar aims to provide livestock farmers with some food for thought on what this means for them and what needs to be done differently.

About our expert speaker:

Aled Rhys Davies from Pruex, is a leader in the fight against Anti-Microbial Resistance. Recognised by Public Health England as an ‘Antibiotic Guardian’ in animal health, agriculture and food supply, Aled is working towards limiting the need for antibiotics.

During our webinar Aled will:
  • Summarise what is currently known about the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway.
  • Explain what this means farmers need to think about, and what some of the challenges and issues are.
  • Provide advice and thoughts on what needs to be done differently and how.
  • Share real-life examples of how improvements in animal health and wellbeing have improved the livestock farm bottom line.
Webinar details and registration:
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