Invest with purpose: Why now is the time to help others while helping yourself


In general, most of the British population overwhelmingly chose to follow the ‘rules’ during lockdown.  Staying at home went beyond the inconvenient and for many was just downright uncomfortable.  But we did it and we endured it. But why?

Well…obviously…we did it to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  But more than that, we did it to protect others and, as we were frequently told, the NHS.  This amounts to millions of us making the individual choice to put the needs of others above ourselves. And it is that attitude that is needed now more than ever as we emerge out of lockdown lethargy and restart the cold engines of our economy.

But, to be clear, we’re not talking about altruism. We’re talking about something else. If we were being highbrow, we might call it ‘enlightened self-interest’ – a philosophy in ethics which states that those who act to further the interests of others, ultimately serve their own self-interest.  Whatever you name it, it’s an attitude we think would serve the best interests of us all right now.

The Government has gone to lengths never before seen, in an effort to protect people’s jobs, income and businesses with a variety of legislative and fiscal measures.  But the country’s recovery is not solely the responsibility of government. In reality, what happens next, whether our national and local economies recover slowly, quickly or not all also sits with us – the people and businesses of our country – and the choices we make.

Everyday people have choices to make.

During lockdown, millions of us changed the way we live in order to help others as much as ourselves. Let’s continue this attitude, not forget it. Why not look at the choices and decisions within your control. If you avoided crowds during lockdown by getting a veg box delivered from your local farm shop, or your milk delivered by a local farmer, why not choose to continue to support these local businesses? It doesn’t just help them; it helps you. Having local shops and other businesses on your doorstep is a convenience that has value. This is reflected not only in your quality of life but also generates a sense of community spirit. And let’s not forget, areas with a thriving local community and economy are desirable places to live which can be reflected in an increase in your house price!

Businesses have choices to make.

Do you re-open to serve your customers? Do you make staff redundant? Do you hire more staff? Do you purchase new machinery? How much should you adapt your business? Do you take out a loan to stay afloat? Do you take out a loan to invest in your business’s future, perhaps diversify? Or do you close?

Investors have choices to make.

The state does not have the resources to power the economic recovery we’d all want. The private sector and individuals need to play their part.  During the pandemic, FOLK2FOLK’s investors injected £17.3m into local and rural businesses helping businesses seeking finance to adapt, grow or diversify – and for that they earnt a monthly income of typically 6.5% p.a.

Imagine if all investors adopted an attitude of enlightened self-interest and invested with purpose – to help others – as well as for profit. A shift in investor thinking along these lines could make a dramatic difference in how quickly the UK bounces back from coronavirus.

It really begs the question: If you can help others while helping yourself, why wouldn’t you?

By investing into secured property-backed loans via FOLK2FOLK you are helping others while helping yourself earn typically 6.5% p.a. Contact us to find out more.  Capital at risk. No FSCS.


veryan-selfie-e1547226169775-150x150By Veryan Skinner, Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications.

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