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Is your accommodation prepared for ‘vaccine confidence’ bookings?


Since the first national lockdown last March, any business associated with hospitality has had a bumpy ride.  But venue owners and tour operators are seeing an upsurge in bookings for this year and attributing it to ‘vaccine confidence’.

The catering sector has been hit hard. Having to close and discard stock is an expensive experience. Accommodation businesses also had to close however the market is still there and, according to many in the industry, it’s growing due to continuing concerns and restrictions for holidays abroad. This demand for home-grown holidays was evidenced last summer when the Covid restrictions were eased which resulted in an explosion of the UK holiday market.

No passport needed

Coach and Tour operators have seen unexpected and unprecedented growth in bookings in recent months with industry figures attributing it to a growing ‘vaccine confidence’.

According to recent BBC News reports, a national tour operator has said bookings made by the over-65’s for UK holidays has increased by 185% compared to this time last year, when most of us had not yet heard of Coronavirus. Tour operators claim the vaccine has given the over-65s a sense of certainty that they can enjoy themselves this year and look forward to their holiday.  Those who would ordinarily book several holidays overseas, are now still booking several holidays but in the UK instead.

Changing trends

For many aspects of life, the pandemic has accelerated change; on-line shopping being a prime example.  Accelerated changes within the accommodation sector includes minimum stay requirements moving from the a ‘one night option’ to ‘two nights minimum’ and owners replacing B&B with self-catering facilities.  It’s likely this trend will continue as the UK staycation market continues to grow.

Are you prepared?

If you own an accommodation business, are you ready for the potential influx of visitors this year may bring? Are your latest barn conversions complete and ready for guests? Do you need to make alterations to access your glamping domes? Is there still time to purchase those shepherds’ huts you’ve been thinking about? And are you maximising your outdoor spaces?  If you need finance to get your accommodation business ‘vaccine ready’ we’re always here to help.

(Minimum loan amount is £100k and all loans must be secured against land or property.)


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