How a glampsite has adapted to Covid-19


As leisure and tourism businesses get to work to make all the necessary adaptations both physical and operational in order to reopen, we found out what steps have been take by one of our customers, a luxury glampsite.

The Private Hill, a 5* luxury, low density glampsite set on a gorgeous hillside in North Yorkshire, have taken their Covid-19 responsibilities extremely seriously to protect their guests as well as their own team.  The two primary areas leisure and tourism businesses need to consider and address prior to re-opening are rules and guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.

Steps taken by The Private Hill include:
  • Spacing between the domes: the site already has considerable spacing between each of the luxury, ensuite, domes making social distancing easy.
  • Breakfast and all other meals are delivered (contactless) to domes as part of a Room Service Experience.
  • Only a maximum of 8 adult guests are allowed on site at any one time.
  • There are hand sanitisation points outside, and inside, the check-in area. Each guest dome has been provided with individual gel hand sanitisers for new guests, antibacterial surface wipes, and an antibacterial surface spray bottle to be used by guests as and when necessary.
  • Domes are deep cleaned, and sanitised to a very high level, between guests using antibacterial products on all touch points.
  • Laundry (incl. towels) is washed at 60 degrees and staff temperatures are checked, and recorded, before and mid-way through each shift.

The Private Hill have been officially accredited by Quality in Tourism as fully compliant for their COVID-19 measures.

The company are now taking bookings in anticipation of opening from 4th July. Find out more: www.theprivatehill.co.uk/



veryan-selfie-e1547226169775-150x150By Veryan Skinner, Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications.

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