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Our door is open to retail investors


A message to Zopa investors from FOLK2FOLK managing director Roy Warren.

We were saddened to hear the news this morning that Zopa has decided to close the retail investment side of its business. They join a growing list of P2P platforms that have closed their service to retail investor customers, but we haven’t closed our door to folks.

Both sides of our business – borrowing and investing – are about helping people. We want to help business owners access finance; and we want to help people with cash to invest, to benefit from earning a great return while also knowing their money is helping others – a double reward.

As such, we feel it’s important to continue to provide a viable, alternative investment option for individuals. The investment opportunity a well-managed and prudent platform can offer can play a starring role in a balanced investment portfolio. Our investors invest in loan opportunities that are secured against land or property with a maximum loan to value of 60%. They earn 6.5% p.a. in interest paid monthly, pay no fees to invest, and can earn tax-free via our ISA (we also accept transfers in from other ISA providers).

We have been providing property-secured investment opportunities for nearly nine years with no capital lost to date. While past performance cannot be relied upon, we tightly control, review, and manage our loan portfolio to protect that track record as best we can.

We are transparent with our investors and have built up a loyal investor base who take a genuine interest in our business. Many have been with us since we began and this translates into very high reinvestment rates which we estimate to be in excess of 90%. Additionally, our secondary market has been consistently sold out for the past two years, providing an attractive level of liquidity for our investors.

We’re different from Zopa – for starters, our minimum investment amount is £20,000 and our loans start from £100,000 – but I’d like to invite retail investors to learn more about FOLK2FOLK via our website www.folk2folk.com and we’d be delighted to answer any questions. If you’d prefer to chat with us, please call on 01566 773296 or email enquiries@folk2folk.com.

Best wishes,



Roy Warren
Managing Director, FOLK2FOLK Ltd

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