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Selling your business or retiring? How to make your money work for you


Selling your business is the start of a new journey filled with possibilities as you transition into a new phase of your life. Reading stories of business owners venturing into new endeavours can inspire how to make the most of your post-sale wealth. After years working hard for your money, it’s time to make your money work hard for you whatever your aspirations.

Giving Back

After achieving success, you may desire to give back. One way is through strategic investment via alternative investment platforms like FOLK2FOLK. Traditional investments often come with a sense of detachment about where your money goes, through FOLK2FOLK you can choose where your money is invested to make a positive impact.

Fuelling Entrepreneurial Passions

The entrepreneurial spirit never truly fades. After selling your business, you may be eager to stay involved in the entrepreneurial world. Some business owners are eager to embark on new entrepreneurial ventures, mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs, or invest in new and up-and-coming ventures. FOLK2FOLK connects investors with businesses seeking capital to start, expand or innovate so you can channel your capital into ventures and businesspeople you believe in.

Diversifying Your Investments

It’s prudent to diversify your investments for long-term financial stability. You may already diversify across traditional asset classes such as property, stocks and bonds, but have you considered alternative investment classes such as peer to peer lending? FOLK2FOLK offers fixed, property backed investments across multiple sectors and UK geographies. Diversifying your investments helps safeguard your financial future by mitigating the impact of market fluctuations and economic downturns.

Making Your Money Work Harder

Your money should continue to work diligently for you and there are various investments you can consider offering varying levels of risk and reward. FOLK2FOLK offers an attractive balance of competitive interest rates with capital secured against UK property.

Planning for Retirement

For the retirement you want, it’s crucial to plan well. Assess your retirement goals, estimate the income you’ll need, and explore investment options that align with your retirement plan. Many of FOLK2FOLK’s investors use their monthly investment income to supplement their retirement without diminishing their capital.

Exploring New Passions

A business exit provides opportunity to explore new passions and interests. Your financial plan could include provisions for experiences which provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose in your post-exit life.

Take that next step to making your money work hard for you!

Embrace ‘life after the exit’, with exciting possibilities. Whether your financial priorities are to give back, feed your entrepreneurial interests, diversify your investments, make your money work harder, plan for retirement, or explore new passions, FOLK2FOLK can help you embrace this new phase with enthusiasm by offering investment opportunities that align with your values and aspirations.

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