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The Rise and Rise of Alternative Credit Investing


The financial landscape is as dynamic as ever, and the quest for more personalised, flexible, and impactful financing solutions has led to the significant growth of the alternative credit investing market.

Alternative Credit, sometimes called Private Credit, has roots stretching back centuries, but its modern incarnation and widespread recognition have evolved significantly over the recent decades. The 2008 financial crisis marked a significant turning point, as traditional banks tightened lending standards, leaving many individuals and small businesses without access to financing. This gap in the market led to the rapid growth of alternative lending platforms, including peer-to-peer (P2P) lending companies like FOLK2FOLK, crowdfunding, and online non-bank lenders, which provided more accessible, flexible, and often faster financing options compared to traditional banks.

This sector offers a great alternative for both investors and borrowers seeking to diverge from traditional pathways.

A Great Reward for Investors

For investors, the allure of alternative credit investing lies in its ability to marry attractive returns with the great feeling of knowing their funds are making an impact. Unlike conventional investments, which often feel detached from real-world outcomes, alternative credit platforms like FOLK2FOLK enable investors to see the direct impact of their funds. From supporting the growth of small businesses to job creation, the investment transcends just financial gain.

Empowering Business Borrowers with Fast, Flexible, and Friendly Loans

On the flip side, business borrowers—particularly small business owners in regional UK—find a lifeline in alternative credit. Traditional banking institutions often impose rigid criteria and lengthy processes that can stifle growth and opportunity. In contrast, companies like FOLK2FOLK offer a more personalised lending experience. Our “Fast, Flexible, and Friendly” approach ensures that businesses seeking to start, grow, or diversify can access the funds they need within about 30 days.

By focusing on the needs of business owners and leveraging property as security, FOLK2FOLK facilitates loans that not only help businesses achieve their immediate goals but also contribute to the broader health of local economies. This creates a virtuous cycle of business growth, innovation, and employment, underscoring the transformative power of alternative credit.

A Sustainable Future for Finance

The growth of the alternative credit market signals a shift towards a more inclusive and diversified financial ecosystem. As traditional banks face increasing scrutiny, the flexibility, efficiency, and impact-oriented nature of alternative credit becomes ever more appealing. For businesses in regional UK, outside of the large cities, this means an influx of investment and opportunities that might otherwise remain out of reach.

The rise of alternative credit represents a pivotal movement towards a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous financial future for both investors and business borrowers alike.

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