Why investing locally can be life changing


If you’re thinking about making an investment, your options are vast: investing in stock markets, buying property, having a savings account with your high street bank or peer to peer lending. The choice you make may depend upon factors such as how much interest you receive or how quickly you will see a return, but investment isn’t always about making a quick profit.

More and more people now consider other criteria when choosing to invest – in particular, they are taking into account ethical factors such as, is this company sustainably run? Or is it involved in activities that I am not comfortable funding? Investing in ethical opportunities does not mean sacrificing profits for principles: rather, it is an opportunity to make money while also contributing to the wider social good.

FOLK2FOLK’s local lending model provides a compelling investment option. Individuals with £20,000 or more can lend directly to support creditworthy businesses in their area who are unable to access finance via traditional channels and receive interest up to 9% p.a. paid monthly.

By lending funds FOLK2FOLK’s Local lending Movement investors are enabling businesses to access the finance they need. This access to capital helps businesses grow, create jobs and develop new revenue stream resulting in increased employment and spending, boosting the local economy.

A number of FOLK2FOLK loans have been used to revive old properties such as restaurants, pubs and hotels, bringing life back to communities. Farmers have been able to diversify into new ventures by converting buildings and land or expanding their existing farming businesses to generate more revenues. Funds also supported local manufacturers and property development, often with affordable housing for local residents.

Local lending can be life-changing for both investors and Borrowers. Local investors receive interest up to 9% p.a. paid monthly which may supplement their retirement income and make a difference to their day to day life while local and rural businesses are able to secure the finance they need. If you’re looking for your next investment why not consider lending via The Local Lending Movement and supporting your local businesses; it might just change your life!

If you are interested to know more about investing through FOLK2FOLK or would like to hear more about our business loans, please call us on 01566 818535.

Your capital is at risk and is not protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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