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World Password Day (#HelpfulFOLK)


Today is World Password Day. We rely heavily on passwords in our day-to-day working and personal lives and there is a very thin barrier between the outside world and our valuable and personal data.

Today is a reminder of the importance of the words or phrases we use to protect our information, and an opportunity to assess their strength and security.

Cybercriminals are constantly probing and tricking us into revealing or even ‘bulldozering’ our passwords. If someone can access your email, they can access your other online accounts by using the ‘forgot password’ feature and access personal or business information and use it to scam you, your friends or colleagues. You could be leaving the door open to crimes such as identity theft, financial loss, extortion or fraud.

The best way to beat cybercriminals is to make life difficult for them. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your data safe:

  • Keep all Windows updates, Anti Virus Software and Security Software up to date.
  • DO NOT write down your passwords, especially on a sticky note around your screen or desk.
  • Create strong and unique passwords, use three random words and make them stronger by mixing symbols and numbers.
  • Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication.
  • Regularly change your passwords

Following some corporate data breaches or possible historical hacks, your passwords may already have been bought and sold on the Dark Web. You can check by going to www.haveibeenpwned.com. If your password has been flagged as compromised, you MUST change it immediately.


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