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Farming Investments

Could farmers be investing their Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) as their Brexit preparation strategy?

  • For UK farmers where the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is an ‘extra’ rather than a lifeline
  • Who are looking to make more of their funds, create a buffer to Brexit-induced change or simply maximise their capital for future opportunities
  • Who have at least £20,000 to invest
You could be investing your BPS, earning typically 6.5% p.a.* in interest, and growing your cash reserves in preparation for Brexit.

The prospect of investing BPS funds is a reality for some farmers where consolidation, expansion, specialisation, diversification and off-farm income have contributed to creating financial independence for their farming businesses, reducing reliance on the BPS. 

With the prospect of three further years of a payment similar to the current Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) rate, the ability to grow cash reserves by investing BPS payments could be an attractive investment option.

Make your BPS go further
  • Invest from £20,000
  • Fixed interest rate of 4.5% – 9% p.a.* paid monthly
  •  Secured against UK land and property
  • Tax efficient investments possible with our IFISA

Capital at risk. No FSCS.

(*6.5% p.a. is our typical fixed interest rate, however, our interest rates range from 4.5% p.a. up to 9% p.a. and are subject to availability of suitable loans.)

Lender & IFISA Guide

Before investing in a peer to peer loan through FOLK2FOLK read our Lender & IFISA Guide.

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