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  • What is FOLK2FOLK?

    FOLK2FOLK is a financial technology (FinTech) platform that offers simple, straightforward, local lending and borrowing nationally.  We match individual lenders with local businesses seeking finance through our award-winning peer to peer platform.  Our Local Lending Movement enables people to invest their money locally promoting business growth and diversification, creating job opportunities and driving positive social outcomes – all essential to the benefit of the wider UK economy.

  • Is FOLK2FOLK a Lender?

    No. FOLK2FOLK does not lend its own money but introduces people with funds to those who need them.

  • Is FOLK2FOLK a bank?

    No. FOLK2FOLK is not a bank and does not hold a banking license.

  • When did FOLK2FOLK begin?

    FOLK2FOLK can trace its origins back over 100 years when private mortgages were being arranged by Parnalls Solicitors. The owners of Parnalls founded FOLK2FOLK in early 2013. Read more about our history.

  • Who started FOLK2FOLK?

    The founders are Mark Parnall and Louis Mathers, who set up FOLK2FOLK in February 2013.

  • Who owns FOLK2FOLK?

    FOLK2FOLK is owned by its original founders, some of its leadership team and private shareholders some of whom have supported FOLK2FOLK from its inception.

  • Who comprises the FOLK2FOLK leadership team?

    Information about the FOLK2FOLK board can be found here.

  • How can I contact FOLK2FOLK?

    Folk2Folk is a ‘people organisation’ and we are happy to be contacted by phone but equally our customers can come and meet us at one of our offices.

  • Where are FOLK2FOLK’s offices?

    FOLK2FOLK has offices in market towns across England. FOLK2FOLK has strong relationships with a number of law firms throughout the country that also help to reinforce our wider presence. Our office locations.


FOLK2FOLK Customers

  • What does FOLK2FOLK offer Borrowers?

    We provide access to funds following a straight-forward application process.  We are approachable and hold all our Borrowers in high regard.  Borrowers get an excellent personal service throughout and we are finding that many are coming back to us time and again.

    Read more about what we offer Borrowers.

  • What does FOLK2FOLK offer Lenders?

    Lenders get an attractive return on their investment as well as knowing that their money is being put to good use.  This is secured lending; the loan is secured by way of a legal charge on property and this charge is registered with the Land Registry on the Lender’s behalf.

    Read more about what we offer Lenders.