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We’re very serious about credit risk

That’s why we only offer secured lending, we carry out credit and other checks on prospective Borrowers and their security to ensure they meet our credit criteria. 

Our Default Record:
This data is based on the FCA definition of default: when the borrower is past the contractual payment due date by more than 180 days.

Lender Losses Value

Amount of capital lost by Lenders in the calendar year

Number of Defaults

The number of loans in default at end of reporting period

Default %

The value of loans in default as a % of outstanding loan book at end of reporting period




  • Reporting period is our financial year (Feb 2020 to Jan 2021)
  • If late interest is subsequently paid in full, it will not show as a default at end of reporting period
  • These figures refer to the past and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
  • We do not have enough default data to determine expected rates of default


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