Are you a hero for your customers?


Everybody knows that the best type of business is repeat business.  And so it follows that good customer service is an integral part of keeping your customers happy and loyal. But in today’s competitive world is that enough or do you need to go the extra mile and become a hero for your customers?

Whatever your industry, a friendly attitude, good old fashioned customer service and a great product offering are critical but may no longer be enough on their own to sustain a healthy, profitable business.   With ever increasing choice and large national or global ‘trusted’ brands seizing market share from smaller and more local operators it becomes increasingly necessary to go above and beyond and weld your power to further deepen existing customer relationships.

This does not require a cape or colourful costume but it does involve fully understanding your customers’ wants and needs and offering solutions even if the actual solution is outside your usual realm.  Transforming a routine customer interaction into something memorable by finding a solution to the customer’s problem will deepen trust, strengthen bonds and contribute to ensuring a long term relationship.

I regularly hear stories of delighted customers, over-joyed and indebted to their solicitor, accountant or bank manager for solving their often urgent borrowing requirement or investment need by referring them to Folk2Folk.

We work very closely with other professionals to help them provide a finance solution for their clients.   We recently received a call from a solicitor about a client who needed to refinance within seven days. We were able to give a verbal agreement there and then.  The solicitor was thrilled to be able to get back to his client with good news and the client was relieved and amazed when funds were available within the seven day timescale.  The end result was a very happy customer, grateful to their solicitor for helping them achieve the outcome they most needed.

In our view, being a hero for your customer is essential but cape is optional.

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