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FOLK2FOLK Investors Reap Impressive £14 Million in Interest


FOLK2FOLK, the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform connecting Investors with regional and rural businesses, is delighted to announce that its dedicated community of Investors earned £14.2 million in interest during the last tax year (2022/2023). This achievement highlights FOLK2FOLK’s commitment to fostering financial growth for both Investors and small businesses alike.

Over the past 10 years, FOLK2FOLK has continued to provide a secure and transparent platform that facilitates lending from Investors to businesses, ensuring that funds are directed toward supporting regional economies. By fostering a direct connection between Investors and Borrowers, FOLK2FOLK empowers entrepreneurs and SMEs, stimulates economic growth, and generates financial opportunities for Investors.

The £14.2 million in interest earned by FOLK2FOLK Investors underscores the platform’s ability to deliver attractive returns while maintaining a focus on responsible lending. This accomplishment is a testament to the trust that Investors place in FOLK2FOLK’s platform, as well as the platform’s dedication to carefully vetting and selecting businesses seeking funding.

Roy Warren, managing director of FOLK2FOLK, expressed his gratitude for the continued support from the Investor community: “We are thrilled to witness the remarkable success of our Investors, who play a crucial role in fuelling regional economic growth. Our platform’s ethos has always been centred around connecting people and enabling investment in a transparent and impactful manner. This outcome highlights the value of our approach and the positive outcomes it delivers.”

FOLK2FOLK’s success story goes beyond monetary gains, as in many instances the platform’s loans have resulted in job creation, new businesses and attractions contributing to rural development and the overall vitality of local economies. By facilitating the flow of funds from Investors to businesses, FOLK2FOLK effectively bridges financial gaps and helps to enable small enterprises to thrive in the challenging economic environment.

With no Investor capital losses to date, FOLK2FOLK remains committed to its mission of supporting local businesses while delivering attractive returns to its dedicated Investor community.

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