FOLK2FOLK opens transfers in for ISAs


Following on from the success of our Innovative Finance ISA launch in August, we mentioned that we would be working to allow transfers in from existing ISAs to FOLK2FOLK

We are pleased to announce that from today, we will be accepting ISA transfers, enabling Lenders to transfer money from previous Cash or Stocks & Shares ISAs to lend into your local and rural communities as part of a growing Local Lending Movement.

Our new CEO, Giles Cross had this to say about the exciting ISA development.

“ISA transfers in are an exciting development in our Lender offering and something our Lenders have been waiting for. FOLK2FOLK’s Innovative Finance ISA helps Lenders earn inflation beating returns of 6.5% whilst taking on a low-level of risk. FOLK2FOLK is built on a belief of transparency, decency and fair exchange, and we’re proud to say our secured lending platform reports zero losses for Lenders since its launch in 2013. We look forward to helping lots of people continue to earn tax-free interest by supporting local and rural UK businesses as part of a growing national movement to help build and sustain financially and socially successful local communities, helping to create jobs, increasing opportunity and encouraging rural diversification and growth; something that’s essential to our pre-and post-Brexit success. It’s an amazing thing for them to be part of.”

To register your interest in transfering any existing ISA funds to FOLK2FOLK, please contact our ISA team on 01566 788 358 or email us via IFISA@FOLK2FOLK.com

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