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World’s only high street peer-to-peer lender grows across South of England


The world’s only high street ‘people-to-business’ lending company is growing its business with the addition of new agencies and branches throughout the South West of England. Cornwall-based Folk2Folk will open three new agencies in November, including Midsomer Norton in North East Somerset.

Folk2Folk has introduced loans of over £36million to the South West economy. Its first Devon agency opened in October, with the Midsomer Norton agency opening on 3rd November.

Patricia Naish, Agent for Midsomer Norton, said: “As a business, Folk2Folk has been on our radar as ‘one to watch’ for many months as there’s clearly a hungry and growing market for this type of proposition as popularity grows in the UK.” “But what’s different about Folk2Folk is that it’s the first and only of its type in the world to offer people the chance to lend and borrow in this way on the high street. People deal with Folk2Folk in their local communities, and lend to real people and businesses in their area, rather than making applications to lend or borrow online, and although Folk2Folk has a website, our customers certainly prefer the person to person contact.” “We’re thrilled to be onboard with Folk2Folk which has introduced substantial funds into the South West so far, and we look forward to see how this injection of funds will now drive the economy in our local area.”

Managing Director David Brown said: “We have always wanted to expand our reach and allow more people to have access to funds in the South West, so the Midsomer Norton agency is the second of many, as we aim to meet the demands of more businesses and clients.” “Patricia Naish and her team have many years experience in sales and customer service, and to be in Midsomer Norton, where we know there is a strong sense of community in the town, is great for us as a business.”

People in Midsomer Norton will be able to learn about this way of accessing and investing finance in the South West through Folk2Folk when the agency opens on 3rd November at 124 High Street, Midsomer Norton, or via the website www.folk2folk. Folk2Folk is leading the way in alternative finance through its boutique high street presence. The expansion of Folk2Folk has seen new jobs created and has helped over 100 new homes to be built in the region, amongst other projects funded recently. These include the construction of a commercial swimming pool, funding renewable energy projects, purchase of holiday accommodation, barn conversions, property developments and acquisitions of business premises across a range of sectors. Folk2Folk expects its ‘loan book’ to grow to £60million over the next year and is considering locations throughout the UK over the coming months to enable that growth to happen.

Further agencies are launching in Falmouth and Bideford during November with the additional branches planned in 2015. You can register as a Folk2Folk lender or borrower at www.folk2folk.com, arrange an appointment or find out more by telephoning 01761 568081 or emailing midsomeragency@FOLK2FOLK.com.

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